Credit and Appreciation go to: Kacey Smith

Mavin and Thomas

Meet our friends Thomas and Mavin. These two mischievous faces come with beautiful hearts that long for a forever mom and dad that will make them the center of attention as the only children in the home. Thomas loves video games and television, but he’s also open to helping with a task or spending time with his sister. Nerf gun wars and sweets make him smile. Mavin also likes sweets but adores all things girly. Her easy-going personality makes everyone fall in love with her, although she can struggle with being defiant and sassy. Thomas struggles with ADHD and needs a forever mom and dad that are dedicated on working with him on boundaries and patience. Their lives have been spent so long waiting, are you the family that will help them step out of limbo and move forward to a true forever? Is it you they are waiting for? To find out more, please inquire below.

Age: 10, 12

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