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Grayson, Marzia, Raeyli, and Lilyen

These four siblings are a ton of fun to be around! Oldest sister Lilyen really enjoys reading and loves cats. She also can be pretty bossy, but that comes from having to assume the “mom” role with her siblings in her original home (whom she loves like crazy!). This trait will improve as she is allowed and encouraged to just be herself and be a kid. Raeyli is a big fan of electronics, and she loves being outside almost as much as she loves Chick-fil-A. Raeyli can get a little mean with her siblings when she’s having a bad day, so you’ll need to help her understand why that’s wrong and find better ways to work through their differences. Marzia is a food lover! She loves all kinds of food, and she’s also interested in tablets and other electronics. Marzia doesn’t always listen very closely to what’s expected of her, so you’ll need to work with her on her focus and understand that she can’t always get what she wants. Little brother Grayson loves his siblings and playing outside. Like Marzia, he can struggle with respecting boundaries, so he’ll need some extra support in that area. Each of these kiddos is unique and special, but together, they are best friends for life. They just need a home where they all can be together and discover what a supportive, stable family is all about.

Age: 6, 7, 10, 12

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