Credit and Appreciation go to: Samantha Daniels

Alex and Serienna

Serienna and Alex are two cuties. She loves anything girly, and she is caring, helpful, and loving. She does struggle with maintaining boundaries, jealousy, and other behaviors. She needs a forever home where she can be the focus of her forever parents’ attention, along with her brother, Alex. He is kind and has gained maturity over the last year. He is also a video gamer, but he struggles sometimes with expressing his emotions. Can you see your new family portrait with these two in it? Serienna can and she dreams of it daily. Imagine Serienna and Alex standing in the front with goofy grins and you standing behind with a glimmer of hope in your eye that your family is now complete. To learn more, inquire below.

Age: 9, 10

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