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Gabriel, Abby, and Skylar

Abby, Skylar, and Gabriel a fantastic sibling group! Gabriel is the ultimate big sister. She is kind, very sweet, funny, and outgoing. Every time she sees her sisters, she has a big smile on her face. She talks about them all the time and talks about how much she misses them. She loves to write and draw and sends her sisters a letter and a drawing every week. Little sisters Abby and Skylar love their big sister as much as she loves them, too. Abby and Skylar have the same outgoing, funny personalities of their big sister, and they both like to play on their tablets and play with their dolls. Gabriel feels the trauma of their previous life more keenly than her sisters, so she can act out when she feels threatened or anxious. She’s learned how to calm herself down, though, by simply walking away and taking a few minutes of “me” time away from the situation. Everyone is really proud of her and she’s doing better every day. Both Abby and Skylar are a little behind academically, and Skylar is taking speech therapy, but they’re both making great progress. Skylar is especially quick to learn…and she loves bedtime stories! The one thing all three girls want more than anything is to be together. They’ll need a two-parent family or a really strong single parent to help them continue their growth.

Age: 16, 7, 3

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