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Kimberly and Skyler

Meet Kimberly and Skyler – a dynamic duo looking for their forever home! Kimberly is a young girl who is very kind and nurturing, artistic, and happy. Skyler is a typical boy – he’s highly active, loves sports, and all things Pokémon! They both love animals and are pretty articulate, though Kimberly sometimes struggles to express herself verbally and prefers to write out feelings instead. As is the case with all children, Kimberly and Skyler are facing a few challenges. To start, they are both trying to process being removed from their biological families care. Kimberly sometimes struggles to tell the truth, and tends to be involved in girl drama, but no more than any other pre-teen girl. Skyler lives with ADHD, but it is currently managed with medication. He sometimes has severe meltdowns and can become aggressive; he often misinterprets social situations and has a victim’s mentality. For these reasons, it is best that Kimberly and Skyler are adopted together in a two-parent home with a two-parent home, that can provide the strong structure, patience and understanding that they need.

Age: 10, 8

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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