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Bella and Madison

Everyone, please meet Bella and Madison. These two sisters are a great example of the two sides of each child in foster care. Kids come into care because they have experienced some kind of trauma, abuse, or neglect and could not be kept safe in their own homes. This trauma naturally has some effect on a child’s behaviors, just as it does on anyone else who experiences trauma. Madison and Bella are no different. Both Madison and Bella have been diagnosed with PTSD, and they each have some intellectual and developmental issues. Both sisters struggle with impulse control and respecting boundaries, too. Yes, these sisters are carrying around some burdens thanks to their early childhood experiences, but here’s the other side of the coin. Both sisters refuse to let this baggage weigh them down for long. Bella is really well-behaved at school and cares about her classmates and teachers. She also is a born problem-solver and loves playing with puzzles and games. Madison is super friendly and is a natural conversationalist – she can talk to anyone about anything! Like her sister, she enjoys puzzle-solving and she’s a rock star at video games and drawing. Both sisters are just like other kids their ages and love to do the same things, but they have to work a little harder than most. That’s not their fault, but they don’t sulk or pout. They just wake up each day ready to be better versions of themselves, and they need a two-parent home filled with love, patience, and support to keep up their amazing progress.

Age: 11, 9

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