Kaisyn and Kashton

Meet the vibrant siblings, Kaisyn and Kashton. This dynamic duo shares a love for the outdoors, displaying a boundless energy that is sure to brighten any day. Kaisyn, a creative young lady, loves to channel her creativity into crafting, especially making bracelets, and she finds peace in coloring. An honor roll student, Kaisyn's love for school shines through, her academic prowess mirrored in her receipt of a citizenship award. Kaisyn's friendly and caring nature is evident in her interactions, especially with other children, and her love for animals is profound. Her little brother, Kashton, is a spirited young man with a sparkling personality. Intelligent and articulate, he is a joy to chat with. Kashton's boyish charm is perfectly encapsulated in his love for Monster Trucks, Hot Wheels, and his adventurous spirit playing outdoors. Kashton is an easygoing food lover, who enjoys all sorts of dishes. These siblings, while delightful, have their struggles as well. Kaisyn is working through the termination of her parents' rights, which can lead to her holding in her feelings. Meanwhile, Kashton, while determined, yearns for clear-cut rules and guidance and misses his biological father. Kaisyn would thrive in a home where she feels she belongs, ideally one that values academia and outdoor activities. Kashton, on the other hand, would benefit from a two-parent household that provides firm rules and understanding. Both kids are in excellent health with no medical or psychological concerns. Together, Kaisyn and Kashton create a spirited and lovable pair. Their unique interests and traits balance each other, creating a harmonious blend of creative passion and joyful energy. We believe they will make a beautiful addition to a loving, patient, and outdoor-loving family. They're simply searching for a place they can call home forever.

Age: 10, 4

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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