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Avianna and Ariana

These two lovely ladies are Avianna and Ariana. Like many of the kids on the Heart Gallery, they have experienced a great deal of chaos and instability in their young lives. They’ve moved around so much, every few months or so they start expecting to have to change homes again. Think about that for a second. Most of us wake up every day worrying about things that feel awfully important to us at the time, but Avianna and Ariana wake up wondering where they’re going to live tomorrow. Folks, we can do better by these kids. They just want to be home where they’re loved and wanted. Older sister Avianna is calm and sweet, but it takes her a little while to open up to new people. She loves soccer and really enjoys cooking with her foster parents. Ariana is a dancing queen and loves gymnastics, but she can get upset a little too quickly sometimes. We asked the girls what kind of home they wanted to live in, and they said they’d prefer an African-American family where they’d be the only kids in the home. No matter what, Avianna and Ariana will need a home filled with love, patience, and consistency where they can get a lot of attention and support. Somewhere out there is a family for these two sisters. If that’s you, let us know!

Age: 12, 10

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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