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Jesse, Tommy, and Jacklyn

Why do Jacklyn, Tommy, and Jesse want to be adopted? From Jacklyn and Tommy’s perspective, it’s simple: “We want somewhere we can stay.” Jackyln loves horses and has many interests. She loves Mexican and Italian food, but the one food that she refuses to eat is peas. Tommy also has diverse interests even though he likes to keep to himself sometimes. He is a chef, reader, writer, swimmer, and explorer, and he loves to be outside. Little brother Jesse is loving and giving, and a bit of a daredevil. His favorite memory is climbing all the way to the top of a really tall tree! Tommy will tell you that Jacklyn has been taking care of the boys their entire life. Don’t they deserve the chance to be kids? These three are just kids that have had to grow up too quickly. Because of this, Jacklyn can be bossy with the boys and with her peers, while Tommy struggles with defiance and knowing how to appropriately express his frustrations. Jesse can be immature for his age. Yet, they know their struggles, and as Tommy says, “I want someone that will help me through my problems”. Jacklyn, Tommy, and Jesse want to stay together and find security in a forever home. Their forever family will need patience and dedication to helping them heal and learn what it is like to thrive in life instead of spending every day trying to survive. Are they your kiddos that you are willing to fight for, to give them the life they deserve instead of the life they were given? For more information about Jacklyn, Tommy, and Jesse, inquire below.

Age: 11, 13, 17

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