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Ahdees, Taichionna, and Rashad

Ahdees is the oldest in this sibling group and is a big fan of both outdoor activities and video games. Pizza and chicken are at the top of the menu every night if you’re asking Ahdees! The middle sibling is Taichionna, and she loves gardening, crafts, and playing with her Barbies. In line with her love of gardening, she enjoys eating all sorts of fruits, so she is right at home at your local orchard or farmer’s market. Rashad is the youngest, and he loves playing basketball and is nuts about cars. Want Rashad to clean his plate? Fill it up with chicken nuggets and pour him a glass of chocolate milk to wash it all down. The siblings each have their struggles, too, but they’re nothing out of the ordinary for kids their ages in their circumstances. Ahdees needs to get better at being less impulsive and respecting boundaries. Taichionna is working hard on using better judgement and making smarter decisions. And Rashad has a little more work to do on communicating what he wants and needs more clearly. But they’re all making steady progress and looking forward to sharing their successes with you. They’ll need a two-parent home with structure and consistent routines. If you can provide that and a steady diet of love, support, chicken nuggets, fresh fruit, and pizza, then these siblings will thrive!

Age: 12, 10, 9

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