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Daquan, Datavious, and Desiree

You’re looking in the Siblings section of the Heart Gallery, so you already are trying to imagine what it might be like to adopt a sibling group. One thing that we can guarantee about this sibling group – Desiree, Datavious, and Daquan – is that you will always be entertained! These three are some of the most personable, outgoing, and friendly kids you’ll ever meet. Older sister Desiree is the mom of the group. She loves taking care of others almost as much as she loves coloring, writing, and learning. Desiree also loves trying new foods and being with her siblings. Datavious is incredibly likeable, outgoing and confident. He’s quite the package! He loves Christmas, and enjoys swimming, reading, basketball, and playing Pokemon. All the kiddos are good students, but Daquan is the star of the group. He routinely receives awards for spelling, and he loves math, too. Like his brother, he enjoys playing basketball, and he also loves his Legos and tacos! Each of the siblings struggles at times with their emotions when things don’t go the way they think they should, and Desiree needs a little extra help remembering that she doesn’t need to be her brothers’ parent anymore and that it’s OK to just be herself. But they’ve all made incredible strides and just need the security of a home and family they know will be there for them even when they make mistakes to take their success to new levels. A two-parent home will be best for these kiddos, and Desiree would specifically benefit from a home with a strong, positive female role model.

Age: 10, 11, 12

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