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Faith, Jaydon, and Hayden

Y’all, this is a great sibling group! Big sister Faith is the “mom” of the group, which is a blessing and a curse. She’s very independent and she loves to help, but she can be bossy with her siblings and doesn’t always respect their boundaries as siblings. It’s not surprising for an older sibling from a chaotic upbringing to have to take on the role of parent for her younger siblings. It makes her a great leader, but it also keeps her from truly being herself and allowing her true personality to shine through. When she relaxes and just allows life to happen like it should, Faith is super girly and loves to color and dress herself up…and she’s great with road directions! Middle brother Jaydon has a lot of those typical middle sibling traits, and he’s always looking for attention, whether it’s good or bad! When he was younger, he learned how to act first and think later, which is something he’s working hard at getting better at. Like his sister, when he relaxes, he is just Jaydon – the great kid who loves all kinds of food and playing with his cars and toys outside. Little brother Hayden is like his big brother in a lot of ways. He loves being outside more than anything, and he’s a really good eater. Both he and Jaydon struggle with their speech, though, and you really have to listen closely to understand what he’s trying to say. Each of these kids are starving for structure and stability. They do so well when they have routines and clear expectations. Once they know they’re home and they’re stable, they’ll grow to adapt to whatever comes their way, because they’ll know you’re always beside them.

Age: 9, 7, 5

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