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Brandaja and Brandon

Twins! Oh my Lord, we have twins! Brandon and Brandaja are an amazing sibling pair. Brandon gets along well with other kiddos and he enjoys coloring and drawing. He does have some intellectual delays that will need to be monitored and addressed through his educational provider. His foster mother notes that the main challenge for Brandon is that he is a “follower” and wants to fit in so he tends to do what others are doing whether it is in his best interest or not. Brandaja’s strength is that she responds well to positive reinforcement and rewards, and she enjoys playing with dolls and watching cartoons. The challenge for Brandaja is her behavior at times (she can get a little attitude and she lies to get her way sometimes). She gets along well with other children, but she prefers children who are younger than she is and seems to get along better with them. Together, these two will need a home defined by consistent structure and discipline to keep growing and maturing the way we’ve seen them do so far.

Age: 15, 15

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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