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Madyson and Kaidence

Meet Madyson and Kaidence, two pre-teen girls looking for their forever home! This dynamic duo excels in their schoolwork and loves being outside in nature. While they share those qualities, Madyson and Kaidence do have unique qualities of their own. Madyson loves sketching and drawing, painting, crafting, and reading. Kaidence, on the other hand, is more into sports. While she has never played team sports, she does enjoy learning to play and hopes to be a part of a team one day. Like most children, Madyson and Kaidence do face a few challenges. Madyson tends to be a bit stubborn, struggles with authority, and can be easily irritated. Kaidence, because of the attention she received for negative behaviors while with her biological family, struggles with behavioral issues like taking things that does not belong to her, throwing tantrums, and impulse control. Kaidence pushes boundaries and attempts to gain control of situations. For these reasons, it is important that Madyson and Kaidence are placed in either a two-parent home, or a single parent home with a lot of outside support, with a strong parental presence, strong boundaries, structure, and patience to correct behavioral issues and positively reinforce good behaviors. Could your family be the right family for Madyson and Kaidence? Submit an inquiry below for more information.

Age: 13, 11

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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