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Szoriah, Saiden, Saven, Seren, and Sciple

Alright foster families with some room in your homes, we’re looking at you on this one. We’d like you to meet a group of kiddos with some of the coolest names you’ll see – Sciple, Seren, Saven, Saidin, and Szoriah. Big brother Sciple is known as a funny, cooperative, loving young man. He adores his siblings and gets along well with all of them. (In fact, all the siblings get along really well.) Sciple’s grades at school are excellent, and like any kiddo his age, he loves his video games when his school work and chores are done. Seren is the “mother hen” of the group as the oldest sister. Like her brother, she is a great student and loves her siblings, but at times she can try a little too hard to take care of them. She has a remarkable memory, is a talented sketch artist, loves being outdoors and riding her bike. The middle child is Saven, and as you might imagine a middle child would be, she has an independent streak! In many ways, this serves her well, but it also leads her into a little trouble at times. She can get a little defiant and pushes boundaries as she tries to establish her own role in the group. Nothing major, though…just being a middle child! Her interests are a blend of her siblings’ interests. She loves reading, drawing, and watching her favorite YouTube personalities. Next in line is Saidin. He is the quiet one in the group. He’s shy, reserved, and is a deep thinker, but he is the most tender-hearted kiddo you’ll ever meet. Like his older sister Seren, he loves being outdoors and he really enjoys Paw Patrol! Saidin really cherishes one-on-one time with his foster parents, especially his foster dad. Finally, the baby of the family is Szoriah. She is a typical toddler in every way. She can be sweet and happy, and she loves her cuddle time and playing with babies. She can also throw a fit now and then and get out bed and into mischief. Like her older brother Saidin, she also really enjoys and needs that one-on-one time with her caregivers. This is a great sibling group of kiddos who love each other, get along well, and very much want and need to be adopted together. They’ll do best in a two-parent home with no other kids so they can get all the attention they deserve. So, if you have some extra room in your home and need to fill it with love, laughter, sibling chatter, and a bunch of snacks and toys, then this is the sibling group for you!

Age: 3, 5, 7, 9, 14

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Pastor Brad and SOCO Church

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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