Allen and Stormy

This sibling group is a lot of fun. Younger brother Allen loves basketball and is a quiet, super easy-going young man. In fact, he is so laid-back, he often gets overshadowed by others, including his sister. Allen doesn’t realize all that he has to offer this world, so you’ll need to help him see what we see in him and get him off the sidelines a little bit. Big sister Stormy is active in everything – cheerleading, volleyball, choir, etc. Her personality is the exact opposite of her brother’s. She’s bossy, overbearing, and is quick to see things in a negative way even when others wouldn’t. While you’re working to pull Allen out of his shell, you’ll need to help Stormy see that the world isn’t out to get her at every turn and that she doesn’t need to assume the worst in every situation. She can’t help it…so far in her young life, things haven’t gone the way she always believed they should. Time, and your love and support as a family, will help her see that. Together, these sibs are great together and love each other like crazy, and they’re ready to be together with you.

Age: 13, 16

Inquire About Allen and Stormy

A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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