Tyshawn and Triston

Brothers TyShaun and Triston are a great pair! They get along really well with each other and clearly love and trust each other. Big brother TyShaun is super easy-going and relates well to his peers and to everyone else around him, too. TyShaun struggles at times communicating and expressing his feelings and trust issues with adults, but he’s learning some really great ways to help with that – including writing song lyrics! How cool is that?! He’s really improved already, and we can’t wait to see if he turns into the next great American songwriter and artist. Little brother Triston is a fun-loving, happy young man. He loves all things dinosaurs and really enjoys talking with people. Triston doesn’t always know where personal boundaries start and stop, and he is working through some educational delays as well, but the key word there is “working.” Triston is making huge strides in school and in therapy, and he loves a good challenge! The brothers need a two-parent home with consistent structure and lots of patience. Triston doesn’t have any special wishes for his new family, but TyShaun has some simple but important requests. He really wants his own room, and he wants to live “in the city.” (He’s also not a fan of big dogs!) I bet there are lots of great families out there who fit the bill for TyShaun and Triston, so don’t hesitate – inquire about these two great brothers today.

Age: 14, 6

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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