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Malorie, Brittany, and Austyn

We love sibling groups here at the Heart Gallery, and we have a really fun set of three siblings in Malorie, Brittany, and Austyn. Big sister Malorie is the leader of the group, as you’d expect. She is a big helper and is very nurturing and loving. Malorie has always been the “mom” to her two younger siblings, which means she’s had to act a little older and more responsible than her peers. This has helped her in a lot of ways, but it also causes her to struggle relating to other kids her age. Middle child Brittany is really smart, kind, and friendly. She’s a big fan of the water park and never turns down a chance to hug her squishmellows. Brittany is just a steady, even-keeled young lady who enjoys being a kid…she’s just a delight. Little brother Austyn is a typical boy. He loves playing with his Pokemon, Legos, and puzzles. He’s a builder and a problem-solver, and he’s a great helper on projects if you keep him engaged and focused with a specific purpose. Austyn gets along with just about every person in the world…except his sister Brittany! They have a healthy sibling rivalry going! Together, these three make a great team, but their new family will need to be able to give each child a space all their own to let them have a chance to decompress and recharge. The kiddos also will need lots of attention and support, both as a sibling group and as individuals. They haven’t had many opportunities to experience what a “real” family feels like, so you’ll need to be patient and consistent as you model for them what their new life will look like. Imagine the positive impact you can make on these three amazing kids! Malorie, Brittany, and Austyn are ready to lay their burdens down and start fresh with you, so contact us today.

Age: 13, 11, 9

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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