Credit and Appreciation go to: Jenny Stricklin

Hannah, Corbin, Hunter, and Jaelee

Growing older can be difficult for some kids, regardless of whether they’re in foster care or not. They experience competing needs for independence and security, freedom and stability, and exploration and being grounded. This is true for our friend Jaelee. She’s approaching her 18th birthday, and she is torn between her desire to stand on her own and be a strong, independent young woman and her desire to belong to a family that loves and supports her. In her mind, the two paths seem very different. She’s also torn between these competing needs and her strong wish to stay connected to her three younger siblings—Hannah, Corbin, and Hunter. Lots of layers here, right? This is real life stuff, but here’s the great part. Jaelee doesn’t have to choose between her independence and her family, does she? Somewhere out there is a family that “gets it.” There’s a family out there right now that understands what Jaelee is feeling and can help her navigate these waters right beside her siblings. That might mean adoption of all four kiddos together, or it might mean guardianship for Jaelee and adoption for Hannah, Corbin, and Hunter. Or it might take another form altogether. But the key thing is keeping these four amazing kiddos together in a way that satisfies their need for stability, security, and just being home as well as Jaelee’s desire for a connected independence.

Age: 10, 14, 15, 17

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