Kelvin and Reginae

Smart and inquisitive, friendly and well mannered, funny, active, and most important, attached – that’s how those who know Kelvin and Reginae describe this brother and sister sibling group! Because they came into care just weeks after Reginae’s birth, Kelvin and Reginae are all each other have and are extremely attached. Kelvin often feels like he has to be Reginae’s protector and is described as “Johnny on the spot” when it comes to his sister. Reginae is just as attached. Her current foster family says that she often worries about not seeing him again and always asks about him when he is not near, so it’s important that they are adopted together. Kelvin loves music and sports, which helps him to cope with the past traumas experienced at home with his bio family. Reginae is highly active and loves gymnastics – an activity her current foster family believes would be a good way to occupy her time. Kelvin and Reginae will benefit most from a two-parent home with older children. The parents will need to be involved and patient as the siblings work through past traumas and separation anxiety. They’d also thrive in an environment where they could be actively involved in extracurricular activities. Could your family be a fit for Kelvin and Reginae? Fill out the form below for more information!

Age: 11, 4

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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