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Evin, Katiann, and Alexis

You know what they say – good things come in threes! Meet Evin, Katiann, and Alexis, a sibling group of three looking for their forever home. Evin, the oldest of the three, truly embodies what it means to be a big brother. He is patient with his younger sisters and loves to teach them new things. In fact, at one of their recent sibling visits, Evin spent most of his time teaching the girls to throw and hit a baseball. He also considers it his duty to look out for them and protect them. Outside of his role as big brother, Evin enjoys Beyblades, collectible toys, video games, and being outdoors. Katiann and Alexis, enjoy a lot of the same things. They both enjoy playing Barbies, being outdoors, traveling, and animals. But, as you probably expect, they do have some differences. In their spare time, Katiann enjoys reading while Alexis opts for video games. Like all children, these siblings face challenges. Evin struggles with manipulating others to get his way. And, well, sisters wouldn’t be sisters if they didn’t have occasional spats, right? It is important that these children are placed in a two-parent home with firm expectations and boundaries. The siblings would do well with other children but could also thrive in a home where they are the only children. Could your family be the right family for Evin, Katiann, and Alexis? Submit an inquiry form below for more information!

Age: 13, 8, 7

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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