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Elijah and Meliya

Meet Elijah and Meliya – a sibling group of two looking for a forever home! Elijah and Meliya are a dynamic duo. Elijah, the oldest of the two has a very witty personality. Like most boys his age, he enjoys sports, outdoor adventrures, and playing video games. He loves basketball; in fact, he has mentioned wanting a basketball of his own and maybe even playing on a team, and his favorite NBA team is the Los Angeles Lakers. When the weather keeps him indoors, RC video games will do because Elijah also likes race cars. Meliya, is an all-around pre-teen girl. She has a big personality, loves to laugh, and likes attention. In her spare time, Meliya loves to draw, but you’d be just as likely to catch her playing with her toys, surfing the web on her tablet, or watching TV. By now you’ve realized most all children in our care come with a few challenges, and Elijah and Meliya are no different. Elijah can be oppositional – when he’s set his mind to something, it’s hard to redirect him. However, he is on medication and participates in therapy to help address these issues. Meliya can be headstrong, and likes to have her way, but this isn’t anything more than what is normal for a pre-teen girl. Meliya also tends to be argumentative with adults and a bit defiant, especially after she’s familiarized herself with the home; however, she too participates in weekly counseling to help address these issues. For these reasons, it is important that Elijah and Meliya are place in a two-parent home where they are the only children, and with a family that offers them structure, discipline, and is both strict but patient as they come to learn the rules of the house and what is expected of them. Could your family be the right fit for Elijah and Meliya? Submit an inquiry below to learn more!

Age: 16, 14

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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