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Harmony, Dontae, and Malakhai

Look at these three siblings! Harmony, Dontae, and Malakhai are great kids. Little sister Harmony is very smart and sweet. She loves playing school and cheering, and she also enjoys playing with her baby dolls. She also enjoys swimming, riding her scooter, and playing soccer. Harmony can struggle at times with showing her emotions and she takes things very literally. Middle brother Dontae is helpful and great with younger kids. He loves video games, basketball, and swimming, however he struggles with listening and following instructions at times and can throw a whopper of a temper tantrum when he gets wound up. Big brother Malakhai is very caring and thoughtful. He has a “good moral compass” according to his foster parent. He enjoys video games and basketball and he loves eating crawfish and ribs. (So do we!) However, he holds grudges and isn’t as quick to forgive as he should be. Collectively, these are good kids who need a two-parent home with a strong male role model for Dontae and Malakhai. With a little patience, structure, and consistent routines and expectations, these three will just take off…and you’ll be right there to watch them do it!

Age: 9, 11, 13

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