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Addisyn and Raychel

Raychel and Addisyn are two amazing sisters. Younger sister Addisyn loves babies and playing games. She also enjoys quality time with family, playing basketball, and she really loves drawing and singing. She has a special quality of being really good at bonding with others. Older sister Raychel loves Pokémon and Minecraft. She is super intelligent and tries very hard to always do the right thing. And when she does make a mistake or a bad choice, she is quick to take responsibility and is good at talking through what happened and what might be a better option. Raychel’s struggles include lying at times to avoid getting in trouble (but she’ll come clean without too much fuss!) and stewing about something that made her upset and trying to get back at the person (which is usually her sister; sibling rivalry is alive and well!). Rachel is also on the autism spectrum. Addisyn has a low stress tolerance due to her special needs and she can also get upset when she gets tired or hungry. This causes her to lash out, but she’s made great progress in avoiding meltdowns and finding better ways to cool down. Both girls are more than ready to find their forever home. They would do just fine with a single parent or two parents, but they both really want a dad. Ideally, they would be the youngest kids in the home so they could have good role models to look up to as they mature. They both also told us that some of their favorite memories from when they were younger were camping trips and staying in cabins, so dust off the tent and sleeping bags and help Raychel and Addisyn create some new favorite memories!

Age: 10, 12

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