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Kaden, Kennetha, and Kenneth

For some folks, the idea of adopting a sibling group is a bit scary. It’s a lot to take on, for sure, but the only thing scary about adopting Kaden, Kennetha, and Kenneth will be the weekly grocery bill! These are three amazing kids that you just have to meet. Kaden is the baby brother, and he is all boy. He loves riding bikes, playing outside, and jumping on the trampoline. He’s also a big fan of Chinese food, going to the movies, and shopping. To no one’s surprise who knows Kaden, he said his one wish would be for a new dirt bike! Kennetha is the sister in the group, and she is a little more reserved than her little brother. She can be shy at first and slow to warm up, but she is quick to let her guard down and show you her true personality. You’ll notice immediately how respectful and polite she is, and it’s no act…that’s the real Kennetha. She loves playing outside, painting her nails, and playing in the water, and she never turns down a chance for Mexican food and a shopping trip. Her big wish is for an iPhone and a family vacation to Disney World. Kenneth is the leader of this sibling group, and he’s a great big brother. He’s super smart, kind-hearted, and personable – he’s going to be a great leader one day, we can tell. He enjoys dressing up and looking sharp, but he also loves spending time at a local farm and interacting with the horses and other animals. His go-to meal is chicken fettucine, and his wish is just for a family who wants him and his siblings. Let that sink in for a minute. These kiddos will need you to provide consistent structure and expectations as they adjust to a new normal, and you’ll need to be a combination of nurturing, loving, patient, affectionate, and understanding with them as they adapt to your home. Don’t be scared away by this sibling group!

Age: 9, 12, 14

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