Joshua and Jessica

Meet Jessica and Joshua, a pair of teens who, despite their individual challenges, share an undeniable bond. Jessica is sweet, kind, and loving, while Joshua is outgoing and has a knack for making people laugh. Both have a spirit that can light up any room. Jessica and Joshua have had their share of struggles. Jessica grapples with rule-following, depression, and has a history of running away. Joshua, on the other hand, struggles with following directions and getting along with peers. Both have faced issues with aggression, and have had periods of time in and out of facilities. These kids have been through the wringer, and their behaviors reflect their past traumas. But despite their struggles, their need for a loving, supportive family is evident. A two-parent home, filled with structure, understanding, and unconditional love would be ideal for them. In fact, we’ve seen time and time again how quickly behaviors turn around simply by being in an environment filled with support, consistency, and trust. When it comes to their favorite foods, Jessica enjoys a good pizza while Joshua prefers hamburgers and fries. Though they have their individual preferences, one thing that truly unites them is their cherished memories of spending time with their biological family. Jessica and Joshua are not just teens seeking a home; they are siblings longing for a nurturing family environment where they can grow, learn, and experience the unconditional love they deserve. Their challenges do not define them but rather, highlight the strength of their spirit and their potential to flourish in the right family setting.

Age: 17, 15

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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