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Emily, Isabella, and Randy

We’d like to introduce you to Emily, Noah, and Isabella. As the oldest sibling, Emily was often left with the responsibility of parenting her younger siblings instead of just being their big sister. And with the lack of appropriate parental role models, Emily’s didn’t learn what effective parenting is supposed to look like. To her, it means being bossy and a little aggressive with her siblings. It also means getting the outcomes she wants by being manipulative, both with her siblings and with people in general. That wasn’t fair to Emily, and it’s something she’s working really hard to overcome. The great news? She’s learning how to just be a big sister and how to set proper examples for her siblings, and she’s making great progress. Emily is relaxing and realizing that it’s OK to just be herself – the outgoing kid who loves ice cream and fried chicken and who enjoys hanging out with her friends. Middle sibling Noah is not as outgoing as his big sister. He’s a little more introspective and struggles a little making friends. This makes him feel down on himself, and he can lash out by namecalling others to make himself feel bigger. It’s the same thing he saw growing up, and he soaked in that lesson the way Emily did hers. But just like his big sister, Noah is learning to see his own value and love who he is. It’s been great to watch him re-learn how to be comfortable in his own skin. Little sister Isabella is a mix of her two siblings’ personalities, as you might expect. She’s outgoing and talkative like her sister, but she loves using her imagination and is sweet like her brother. Her Achilles Heel is that she can be easily influenced, especially by her sister, so she gets talked into behaviors that get her in trouble. While the lessons these kiddos have learned haven’t always been the best ones, the beauty is they can be taught new lessons. Ones that show them how important and valued they are, as individuals with their own personalities and as a sibling group. That’s where you come in. These kids are ready to see what a family is supposed to look and feel like.

Age: 12, 11, 9

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