Matthias and Scotty

Twins! Matthias and Scotty are two amazing twin brothers, which means they share a unique bond in common. Both of our guys are superhero-loving kiddos. When Halloween comes around they will always pick Superman or Batman. These cuties also love coloring and playing outside, but they have some issues with processing the traumas of their previous lives. At times, their behaviors can get them in a little trouble, but they are active participants in counseling to help learn new strategies and better ways to react to situations. One thing we and they know…they will always be there for each other. And we want to keep them together in their adoptive home. They will need a two parent home prepared to be patient with the boys and provide them with clear and consistent structure and expectations. They thrive when they know what to expect, but they’re making great strides in learning to roll with life’s unexpected events as well. Are you the family that Matthias and Scotty have been hoping for? Inquire below for more information.

Age: 10, 10

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