Otis and Tanaya

Some people need adventure and spontaneity in their lives, right? Moments of happy chaos and uncertainty can be fun, but imagine for a moment that all you’ve ever known is chaos and uncertainty. That is the reality for our friends Otis and his younger sister Tanaya. Their childhood was not grounded in stability and certainty and trust. And that has affected how they respond to those ideas now. Otis and Tanaya want and need routine and structure and stability, because it lets them know what to expect. It’s like a security blanket. It lets their minds rest and focus on other what’s important. But at times they struggle to accept it, because it’s still new to them. Otis and Tanaya can push back against the very things they need so badly. And that’s OK. It’s a part of growing up that they missed. But they need you to help them catch up. These two are super smart and willing to learn. They’re also willing to accept love and give it…in huge doses! Otis and Tanaya love each other like crazy, and they want to be with a family who loves as hard as they do. So, if you’re a patient married couple willing to provide the stability and certainty that Otis and Tanaya need, let us know.

Age: 9, 6

Inquire About Otis and Tanaya

A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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