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Cadyn and Christopher

Brothers Christopher (or CJ) and Cadyn (or KK) are two cool cats! Like any siblings, they share several common interests, but they are their own men. Both brothers love playing basketball, and CJ is especially gifted at sharing his knowledge of the game with others. They also both love music, and both brothers are very creative musically. CJ dabbles in writing his own lyrics, while younger brother KK expresses his creativity in a different way – he loves to dance, and he’s really good at it. Both guys work hard at school, too, and they’re getting better every day. KK can struggle at times with staying on an even keel, but he knows this is something he needs to improve on and his foster parents tell us he works really hard at it and has made great progress. CJ experiences some of this, too, and he has a hard time sharing attention at times. But like his brother, he knows it’s something he has to work on and he does so with a great attitude. So what kind of family do they need to keep this great progress going? They need a home with clear boundaries and rules, as well as consistent consequences for their actions and decisions. Lots of positive praise and affection is a must for both brothers, and CJ especially needs a strong father figure that is firm yet combines authority with grace. We know that family is out there…maybe you’re reading this bio right now. Please let us know if you like to learn more about these two great brothers.

Age: 10, 16

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