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Bentley, Kaleigh, Anthony, and Drake

This foursome is something else, folks! Bentley is the youngest of the crew. Bentley’s calling card is his soon-to-be world-famous smile. It takes him a bit to warm up to you, but when he does, that smile comes out and just lights up the room. Bentley is a helper, and he loves animals. He can struggle with transitions, and he needs a little extra encouragement to try new things, but he’s willing to go for it with your support. Kaleigh is very active and loves being outside riding her scooter or her bike. She also enjoys playing softball and doing gymnastics…and making her own slime! Eww! Anthony is a fan of anything Pokemon-related, and he loves to read. He’s always full of energy and he loves to be the center of attention. (Sounds like a typical middle child, doesn’t he?) Big brother Drake is an outgoing, talkative young man with a vivid imagination. He’s a big video game guy, and he loves watching movies, too. He was put in a position to have to be a parent and a kid at the same time, so he needs to be allowed to just be a kid and enjoy his childhood. Collectively, these four kiddos love each other and want nothing more than to be together with a family who loves them and will be there for them. A key attribute for the right family will be the ability to equally share attention between the four siblings. We know that the prospect of adding four children to your family may present some challenges, but these are some amazing kids, and they deserve the chance to grow up together. If you have a big home and a big heart, maybe you’re the family they’ve been looking for.

Age: 6, 9, 10, 12

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