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Stella and Dixie

These two sisters have some great names – Dixie and Stella. Older sister Dixie is a born leader and likes being in charge. But she’s also a nurturer and loves taking care of people. This is a natural extension of her previous role as the “mom” in the family. This is a great character trait to have when it’s channeled the right way, so we’re working with her on making the best use of these talents. Little sister Stella is a happy and outgoing child. She is a super picky eater and really likes pizza and hamburgers, and she is a total fan of the movie “Frozen.” Stella’s also really active and doesn’t like sitting still for very long. Again, this kind of character trait is a great problem to have. She just needs to continue learning how to best apply her energy and passion. Both sisters need a two-parent home with a lot of structure and clear expectations. Dixie and Stella thrive when they get the guidance and support they need to use their natural abilities and talents in a positive way. It’s been a real honor to watch them mature and grow so far, and we can’t wait to see how much they develop when they know they’re home.

Age: 6, 8

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