Credit and Appreciation go to: Beka Thompson Photography

Travis and Emily

Meet Emily and Travis. These two need a forever home filled with laughter and love, but also with an understanding that with time and therapy, they will find their safety again and their minds won’t be ruled by fear. Trust is the only way to find safety and we all know that trust takes time to build. Despite all they have been through, these kids are still resiliently living. They both love to read and be outside. Travis, specifically, enjoys riding his bike outside. Emily loves to help do things and is a natural encourager. She has been known to make encouraging notes for others and leave them for her peers to bring them a smile. They both love to eat, in particular, burgers, tacos, and chicken strips. Emily and Travis are waiting for their forever home with a forever mom and dad that can let them be the only kids and will cherish them, even on the hard days, as they begin to release their fears and find safety through building trust. Are you ready to begin that journey with Emily and Travis? If so, inquire below.

Age: 9, 11

Inquire About Travis and Emily

A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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