Credit and Appreciation go to: Meredith Benton Photography

Duece and Ace

These two guys may have the best names on the Heart Gallery – Ace and Deuce. These two are quite the pair. Big brother Ace loves playing basketball and baseball, but he’s not a fan of vegetables at all! Little brother Deuce is more of a soccer and baseball fan, and he is a snack-eating machine. These brothers love each other very much, but they struggle at times with the loss of their original family. Despite the trauma they experienced, they still have a hard time processing this loss and it can lead to an occasional bad day or two. These guys need an understanding, patient family to give them room to grieve the loss of one family and learn to accept the love and support of a new one. The payoff for that investment will be tremendous! These guys have so much to offer, so don’t let these two slip by!

Age: 8, 10

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