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Zhameer, Jazhyia, Zhy'jwuan, Zhykjhai, Zhylyn, and Zhylayah

Big family lovers, do we have the sibling group for you! These kiddos will instantly fill your home up with laughs, activity, and hearts full of love. Let’s meet them. Big brother Zhameer loves playing video games and has never turned down a hamburger and fries. As you’d expect from an oldest sibling, he’s the family protector and loves his siblings fiercely. Jazhyia is next in line. She enjoys being outside and really loves playing on her foster home’s trampoline. Zhy’jwuan is a big fan of his cars and likes playing video games just like his big brother. He’s got a sensitive heart and feels things more deeply than most. Zhykjhai loves playing with crafts, especially beads. She is an old soul and loves eating chicken and catfish any chance she gets. Zhylyn is really talented at using his hands and makes fun buildings with his Legos. His favorite meals always include ham sandwiches…and a piece of candy! Baby sister Zhylayah loves dressing up and putting on her hair bows almost as much as she loves digging into her favorite mashed potatoes and red Jell-o. These siblings are a great group of kids, but as you might guess, they’re not without their struggles. There will be some walls to break down, some guilt to ease, and some anger to lessen. But the work will be worth it. These kids did nothing to deserve their circumstances, and they share a strong love for each other and an even stronger desire to be a part of a family again. We know that family is out there, just waiting to be introduced to these siblings. We’ll make sure you have plenty of support and help…you just have to take that first step and ask for more info on these wonderful kiddos.

Age: 16, 13, 12, 10, 8, 6

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