Heaven and Dominick

This brother and sister pair are definitely siblings and want to stay that way. You may just very well be the answer to their prayers. Both Heaven and Dominick enjoy church, but girly girl Heaven will talk with anyone who’ll listen about Jesus. She is caring and loving and adores all things princess. She also likes being outdoors, playing games and one to one time. Heaven does struggle with boundaries and jealousy, though the two have improved on how much they fight. She needs a forever mom that she can talk to and that will guide her through her emotions. Dominick loves video games and racing. He can also be kind and loves being outdoors and having attention, however he does struggle with expressing his emotions, especially the anger he has due to past trauma. He has had some behaviors, but therapy and consistency have helped tremendously. Heaven and Dominick need to be the only children in their forever home so that they can experience being loved and understood by a forever mom and dad. To learn more, please inquire below.

Age: 10, 12

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