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Serenity and Trayton

One of the more common relationships we see between siblings in foster care is a “parent-child” connection, as opposed to just being brother and sister. In a home where the actual parents were either frequently absent or inattentive, the older sibling had no choice but to assume the role of parent to help care for and protect the younger sibling. This is certainly the case for our friends Serenity and Treyton. Older sister Serenity was forced to be both a parent and a sister to Treyton, and this did two things. On one hand, it made their bond even greater than it would have been as siblings. But it also led to some bad habits for Serenity. Despite her young age, she often views herself as an adult, and she doesn’t like “other adults” telling her what to do. This is a learned behavior from her upbringing. As a result, she can be argumentative and a little resistant to structure, guidance, and rules. But she is extremely intelligent and is starting to understand that she doesn’t have to be the adult or the parent any more. It’s OK if she’s just the kiddo who loves to play dress up in nice clothes, write in her journal, and play with her little brother. And speaking of Treyton, he is a kid’s kid! He’s friendly, sweet, and funny. He eats anything and loves school, video games, and being in the Cub Scouts. He’s just an easy-going kid, although he does tend to cry when he gets frustrated (but don’t we all?!). So who are the perfect parents for Serenity and Treyton? They need a patient family who will give them the room to be kids and continue to re-learn their proper roles in a family. They’ve made tremendous progress so far, and we know there’s a perfect family for them out there who’ll walk alongside them as they keep spreading their wings.

Age: 16, 12

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