Credit and Appreciation go to: Jenny Stricklin

Erika and Kakeisha

Let me introduce you to two sisters – older sister Keisha and younger sister Erika. Guys, we love these two kiddos! Keisha is the kind of kid who knows exactly what she wants. As the older sister, she can be a little bossy at times, and we’re not going to lie – she has more than her fair share of sass! But she also loves sports and being active, especially gymnastics, and she really enjoys helping with babies (we can tell she’s going to be a great mother when the time comes!). Erika struggles a little getting along with peers and can be a bit of a whiner when she doesn’t get her way, but those days are outnumbered by the good days. She loves sports and gymnastics like her big sister, and she also loves broccoli. What?! Both girls love having pets, and wish they had horses, too…and they both miss their family. This is normal, folks. But the girls are open to being adopted and want a family of their own. Remember how I said Keisha knew what she wanted? She’s very particular about what she wants for her and her sister. No smoking and no drinking are a must for her, and she’d prefer a single mom. If you’d like to learn more about these two amazing sisters, let us know.

Age: 9, 12

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