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Kaleb, Louriza, and Irvin

These three siblings – Irvin, Louriza, and Kaleb – are a true joy to be around! Baby brother Irvin likes dinosaurs and sharks, and he’s also a big fan of Paw Patrol. He loves eating corn dogs, hot dogs, pizza, and bananas, all washed down by apple juice! Sister Louriza is smart and imaginative. She loves pizza like her little brother, but she also loves to eat fruit, especially strawberries and apples. Big brother Kaleb is curious and playful. All three kids have some medical and developmental issues they’re working through, but Kaleb’s are a little more complex than his siblings. He is non-verbal and has sensory issues that make him overly sensitive to normal stimuli. That just means you have to be careful about over-doing things and exposing Kaleb to too much, too quickly. He really likes music, especially relaxing music, and he really responds positively to dancing, swinging, and soothing lights. But Kaleb is also like any other kid – he loves playing peek-a-boo, being tickled, and using his iPad. Together, these three get along really well and love being together. They’ll need a two-parent home to help with their special needs and make sure they consistently receive their therapies and services. They have a great support team in place and they’re making steady progress each day. Irvin, Louriza, and Kaleb just need to know they’re home to make that next big leap in their growth and development.

Age: 8, 5, 3

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