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Natasha, Natalie, and Nicole

At their core, children in foster care – including those awaiting adoption – are no different from other children. When you get to know sisters Nicole (15), Natalie (14), and Natasha (10) individually, you learn that Nicole and Natalie both love music like most teenagers, while Natasha loves gymnastics. Nicole is the calm one, while Natalie is a creative free-spirit. Natasha is playful and energetic like any other 10-year-old. Sounds like most children their ages, right? But when the sisters are together, as a family, they truly treasure the moment unlike most children because of their family history of instability, uncertainty, and loss. Being together with a loving, supportive family is something many of us take for granted. Not Nicole, Natalie, and Natasha. They understand what a blessing it is to have a family that loves each other unconditionally. Natalie summed it up quite nicely – “We deserve a mom and a dad.” Yes you do, Natalie. Are you that mom and dad that these wonderful young ladies need and deserve? Natasha (4322888) / Natalie (432887) / Nicole (432881)

Age: 12, 16, 17

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