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Kenneth, Paisley, and Grayson

Let's meet the delightful sibling trio, Kenneth, Paisley, and Grayson. Kenneth, the oldest of the group, is an outgoing young boy with a love for mechanical toys and outdoor play. As an individual with autism, he thrives on consistency and regular supervision, and he might find schedule changes a bit challenging. However, his passion for music shines through, hinting at his innate musical talent. Kenneth's favorite snack? Bananas! Paisley, the middle child, is all about the girly stuff. She enjoys singing and is captivated by music, just like her brother Kenneth. Also on the autism spectrum, Paisley benefits from a consistent routine, and similar to Kenneth, she also finds schedule changes a bit difficult. She enjoys spending quality time playing with her brothers, and when it comes to food, she has a particular liking for meat. Last but not least, Grayson, the youngest, is an easy-going toddler with a love for farm animals and songs. Though he faces some verbal challenges, his calm demeanor and affection for almond milk bring a unique charm to this sibling group. All three children need a two-parent household, preferably without any other children, where they can receive the attention and care they need. Despite their individual struggles, their bond as siblings and their shared love for music create a harmonious balance that is truly heartwarming.

Age: 8, 6, 4

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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