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Jacob, Brianna, and Maggie

Y’all know we love siblings here on the Heart Gallery. Every kiddo is worthy and special, but there’s just something about preserving that sibling bond that makes our effort to find the perfect family even more important for a sibling group. That is especially true for Brianna, Jacob, and Maggie. You are going to LOVE these three kiddos! They love each other like crazy and get along so well…it’s just a joy to be around them. Jacob is the big brother in the family, and he is a GREAT big brother! He loves his sisters and wants to make sure they stay together. He is always upbeat and has a positive outlook on life, despite all of the turmoil he and his sisters have been through. He loves helping with any task and loves completing projects quickly. Sometimes, he rushes a little and he might need to re-do a task to get it right, but his excitement and urgency comes from a great place – he just wants to make you proud of him. Jacob does his best when he has a routine and clear expectations. He loves getting in a groove and getting really good at what he’s expected to do, and it makes him happy to be recognized for the hard work. He also can get in a groove on watching YouTube videos on his electronics, so you might need to remind him to take a break and do something else! Brianna is the “mom” of the group. She keeps everything and everyone in line with a firm but gentle spirit, and she also shares her brother’s perpetually happy, positive outlook on life. She has an amazing work ethic and sets high standards for herself. She will do any task you put in front of her, do it well, and then ask to do more. She loves being counted on to make good decisions and take care of her people – she is a born leader, and we can’t wait to see her grow and mature into a real mover and shaker. She has a natural intelligence and is quick to pick up on schedules and routines, too. Brianna is not a morning person, however. She needs a little extra time and space to wake up and acclimate to the morning and can sometimes throw a little fit if something does not go her way. But she is quick to self-correct and come back to her normal positive, can-do attitude. Maggie is the most affectionate of the three – she loves hugs and telling you how much she loves you, and she definitely thrives on getting that affection and love back! Her smile absolutely lights up any room she’s in. She has a bit of her older sister’s nurturing qualities, too – she loves to watch over younger kids and help them with their tasks or games at playtime. And just like her brother, she loves routines and schedules and picks things up quickly. She has such a warm, loving spirit about her! Maggie does have a slight speech impediment, but she is a hard worker just like her siblings and she loves working on her speech therapy tasks and is making tremendous progress. All three of these siblings play well together and have a tight bond. They each have some developmental or educational delays, but they love to work hard and they love school, so these will resolve with time and support. They also love to be outdoors, so the perfect family will need to balance inside and outside time. These amazing kiddos need a stable, supportive home environment that offers both a mother and father who are good communicators, patient, and routine-oriented. The sky is the limit with Brianna, Jacob, and Maggie. The only question is which family out there is going to be the one to get to watch it all happen? Maybe it’s you!

Age: 12, 10, 9

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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