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Mark 'MJ', Briella, and Kyler

Meet Mark, also known as MJ, Briella, and Kyler – a sibling set of three looking for a forever home! MJ, the oldest of the three, is a helpful, respectful, and kind-hearted teen. He is described by his foster mom as “probably the sweetest kid I’ve met”. MJ is a big Razorbacks fan; he loves sports and outdoor activities; and his Christian faith is very important to him. In fact, MJ was recently baptized; he loves to attend church and is even a member of the choir. MJ does very well in school; he’s a straight-A student, and he participates in EAST, Chess team, Quiz Bowl, and Gifted and Talented Classes at school. He’s also musically inclined – he’s a member of his school’s band where he plays trumpet and is learning percussion. He has definitive goals to attend the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville to become a mechanical engineer. Briella is the ultimate girl’s girl. She is cheerful, outgoing, talkative, and friendly. She is kind and loves helping others. Like most girls her age, she enjoys playing on computers and her cellphone, swimming; she has a very active imagination and loves to make up pretend stories. She loves reading a variety of books, but Harry Potter is her favorite. Much like her brother MJ, Briella is very smart and makes good grades in school. Her favorite subject is math, and she aspires to be a teacher when she grows up. Kyler is said to be all boy. He likes to run, climb, and play outside in the grass, dirt, and mud. It is said the dirtier he gets the more fun he has had. He loves playing with cars and Legos. He likes to collect, build, and stack rocks to build caves for his cars. He also enjoys outdoor activities including baseball, riding his bike, and jumping on the trampoline. Inside, he likes watching cartoons, and loves drawing houses, cars, people, dragons. Kyler also loves having books read to him with favorites including Clifford, The Big Red Dog, Curious George, and Dr. Suess books. Like all children, MJ, Briella, and Kyler face challenges. MJ tends to be a perfectionist. He has very high expectations for himself and tries to succeed at everything he does. He hates to fail at anything and could benefit from someone instilling in him a healthy respect for failure. MJ also struggles with anxiety and occasional nightmares; however, these things are currently controlled by medication. Currently, Briella is struggling to make friends after starting a new school late in the school year. She struggles with change, and because of experiences with her biological family, she struggles to trust and believe things she is told by adults. She likes to debate the things she is told by adults and tends to believe her own opinions without regards for the opinion of others. She could benefit from a family that builds trust in her and teaches her how to express her beliefs without discrediting the beliefs of others. Kyler lives with developmental delays due to neglect when he was younger. He also struggles with anxiety and has some sensory issues. At school, Kyler has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and has improved leaps and bounds. This sibling group has expressed that they feel it would be best if they were placed in a home together where they are the only children. MJ would like a religious, Christian family that is very active in church, does a lot of sports and outdoor activities, and are Razorback fans. Briella is not very picky – she just wants a family that is nice and good with her and her brothers. She does have one ask, though – that there are no other children in the home. Kyler would really benefit from a family that can provide him with a lot of structure, routine, and patience. A family that can also advocate for him academically and devote the time needed to get him caught up to grade level is also idea. Could your family be the right fit for MJ, Briella, and Kyler? Submit an inquiry below to learn more!

Age: 15, 13, 9

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