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Miracle and Heven

You know we love siblings here on the Heart Gallery, and we have two great sisters here in Miracle and Heven. Older sister Miracle is just a happy person! Is there a better way to describe someone? Miracle is always smiling. She’s active and loves playing outside – where she enjoys chasing roosters! (We love her already!) Younger sister Heven loves clothes and fashion and enjoys singing. She doesn’t chase roosters like her sister, but she does love dogs! As much fun as these two sisters are, their trauma has left them with a couple of obstacles they’re working hard to overcome. Miracle struggles a little in school and has a hard time staying focused and on task. Heven feels like she constantly has to compete with her big sister. That competitive spirit can lead to some hurt feelings at times, but it really can be a big positive for Heven in the right environment (like a loving, supportive home with you!). She also struggles with taking responsibility for her actions and decisions at times, but this is something she’s working on all the time. Overall, these two sisters love each other like crazy and just want to be “home” again. They’ll need to be in a two-parent home with lots of structure, and while they get along with other kids just fine, they might do best where they’re the only kids in the home. Every home is different, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask if you might be the perfect family for Heven and Miracle.

Age: 17, 15

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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