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Seth and Ethen

Meet Seth and Ethen, two teens with a deep bond and shared interests. Seth, the older brother, has a sharp mind, exhibiting wit and intelligence in his interactions. He's a huge fan of video games, the BTS music group, and anime. Additionally, his love for soccer and running showcases his athletic side. Despite his many strengths, Seth can become aggressive when he's upset. He carries immense pride in his Mexican heritage, which is central to his identity. Ethen, on the other hand, lights up when it comes to superheroes, video games, and school. He may function a bit lower in some areas, but his enthusiasm and joy are infectious. And when it comes to food, nothing beats Taco Bell for Ethen! Both brothers are in search of a family with a strong male role model and a dedicated mother to guide and support them as they navigate their teenage years. Together, Seth and Ethen bring a blend of shared dreams, unique talents, and the hope of finding a home where they can thrive.

Age: 16, 14

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Short Film Sponsored By: Bill and Tabietha Dillard

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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