London, Sarah, and Aahleyah

This dynamic sibling group has 3 sisters who are wanting to be adopted together. London, the oldest is a very strong willed and intelligent young girl who is a girls-girl through and through! She is working hard in therapy to learn how to be a child and not an adult, which is something she’s always had to do. She never meets a stranger, and her heart is larger than life. She’s willing to do “whatever it takes” to be adopted. Sarah, the second oldest loves anything outdoors, singing, and cooking. She loves spending time at home with her foster family. She works hard to focus on the positives in her life and is trying to move forward and to find a forever family. One of her favorite things is that she recently was able to spend a second birthday with a family and hopes to get to do that with her adoptive family. Aahleyah, the youngest is a strong-willed free spirit who is proud of being who she is, and just loves being herself. Because she hasn’t grown up with strong structure, she likes to test boundaries, but is learning how to live in a structured environment. She loves playing outside, playing with her tablet, and playing with her sisters. All the sisters would do well in a home that has a mom and a dad, has a firm structure but is also full of grace, compassion, and love. These siblings want a forever home, people to shower in love, and a safe place to exist and to grow in. If you think you can give these sisters that, then please fill out a form below.

Age: 12, 11, 7

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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