Credit and Appreciation go to: Ashley Carson

Kaylee, Skyla, and Addison

There’s just something about a set of three that is appealing to us, isn’t it? A set of three is balanced, it’s symmetrical, it’s…well, it just seems right. That’s certainly the case with this set of three awesome siblings – Addison, Skyla, and Kaylee. They just fit together beautifully, and they have a ton to offer individually as well. The oldest, Addison, is the consummate big brother. He prides himself on being very helpful and he tries to set a good example for his younger sisters and be a leader, but at times he struggles with completing tasks by himself. This is teaching him the valuable skill of knowing when to ask for help and trusting others. Middle sister Skyla is very artistic. She loves to draw, create, and make things. And she loves Chinese food! Like most middle kiddos, Skyla can be a little selfish and attention-seeking sometimes, so she does great when she gets a little extra attention and love. Little sister Kaylee has a huge heart and she loves so BIG! There’s just something about her that makes you love her immediately. She’s a little talker, and sometimes she riles up her other siblings, but she’s a sweetheart. These kiddos need a family committed to supporting them and guiding them as they continue to grow and develop. If you think that might be you, let us know.

Age: 7, 11, 14

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