Treyvon and Keon

Introducing Treyvon and Keon, two young brothers who share a deep bond and are in search of a forever home together. Treyvon is a loving and kind boy, known for his affectionate nature. He has a particular liking for pizza, a dish he can never resist. However, like any young kid, Treyvon struggles with following directions and rules, and sometimes expresses his frustration through temper tantrums. This highlights the need for a structured environment where he can learn and grow. Keon, on the other hand, is a happy and kind child, appreciated for his loving disposition. He is known for his robust appetite, as he loves to eat just about anything. Unlike his brother, Keon does not currently show significant struggles, but he would still benefit greatly from a structured and loving environment. As a sibling group, Treyvon and Keon have shared many memorable moments, particularly the time they spend together. Their ideal family would be a married couple or a two-parent home that can provide lots of structure, love, and support, helping the boys navigate their individual challenges while also nurturing their strengths. Both boys cherish their bond, and their future family should prioritize keeping these siblings together.

Age: 7, 5

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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