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Kemella and Avery

You’ll be hard pressed to find a cuter photo of two siblings on the Heart Gallery than the one of Kemella and her brother Avery. As the big sister in a home where parental role models weren’t as strong as they needed to be, Kemella had to become both sister and caregiver for Avery. As you might guess, these two are very close. Avery didn’t get the kind of structure and guidance from parents that he needed as a younger child, and his behaviors now reflect that. He struggles with following guidance and expectations, and he doesn’t always respond well when given consequences. He can get upset quickly and lash out, at others and at himself. That might sound concerning, but it really is a by-product of his early years and the lack of stability and appropriate parenting he missed. The good news? Just as Avery learned these behaviors, he’s also learning new and better ones. As he experiences stability, support, structure, and love, those old behaviors are slowly being replaced by new and improved ones. And Kemella does a great job of recognizing when Avery is becoming upset and she’s great at de-escalating things and helping. She has such a calming influence on Avery, and it’s natural. She’s a very laid-back young woman who is friendly, gets along well with her peers and everyone else, and responds very well when adults ask her to correct something. She likes music and photography and she loves playing basketball. Kemella is a great student, and even wants to go to Harvard when she graduates. Avery loves tacos and is a sports fanatic and loves playing football. In fact, one of his biggest wishes is to have his family cheering him on at his football games. Both Avery and Kemella need a mom and a dad to guide and support them with structure, consistency, and clear expectations. With time, the lessons you give them will sink in and replace the old ones, and you and Kemella can sit in the stands at Avery’s football games and show them both what truly belonging in a family is supposed to feel like.

Age: 17, 12

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