Shaun and Landon

These two brothers are Landon and Shaun. Older brother Landon loves playing video games, especially Fortnite and Mindcraft. And you will rarely see him turn down a slice of pizza! Little brother Shaun is an active young man who loves playing with toy cars and riding his bike, and his go-to meal is chicken nuggets and fries. Shaun does have some speech issues, which he’s in therapy for, and Landon isn’t a big fan of following rules or being told no. He understands his behaviors need to be better, and he’s working hard every day to learn better ways to respond when life doesn’t go the way he expects. It’s a struggle that many of our kids face, and we’re super proud of Landon for tackling it head on. Both of our brothers need a stable, supportive home environment with a family who will not give up on them. These are good kids, folks…they just need a family to see them and give them a chance to stay together.

Age: 3, 9

Inquire About Shaun and Landon

A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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