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Anyiah, Iyonia, and Larry

Meet Aniyah, Iyonia, and Larry! Anyiah, the oldest is a shy and reserved girl until she gets comfortable with you. But once she feels safe with you, she is very vocal about her wants and needs and can express them to you appropriately. She can be strong willed at school and can sometimes have problems with teachers due to her attitude. Like most pre-teens figuring out who they are, Aniyah can fall under the influence of peer pressure sometimes, but she is learning how to stand on her own and make her own decisions. She loves being a part of a team; basketball is her favorite. In fact, she has dreams of playing in the WNBA someday. She loves anything outdoors and swimming. Iyonia, the middle child is your all-American type of girl. She loves playing with dolls, but also loves outdoor adventures. She does it all. She has quite the imagination, too. When she grows up, she wants to be the tooth fairy, she says. Larry is the youngest and is very happy-go-lucky. He loves dinosaurs, monster trucks, and superheroes. He knows each toy in his room and is very observant to be so young! He is a bit bashful around new people but can open up pretty easily! He loves talking and laughing with people and eating! A boy’s gotta grow! He’s currently in dance classes and will sing and dance with or without music. This group of siblings just wants a stable home with a mom and dad who are willing to give them structure and love. If you think you can provide support, care for them, and love them like your own, then please fill out a form below!

Age: 11, 6, 4

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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